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At Amador Funeral Homes Inc,

Our agent, Robert Montes can provide the Pre-Arrangement Needs for your family.
It is a convenient, thoughtful process. First, we can help you find a funeral home in
your area with whom you can feel comfortable. A caring professional funeral director
will be able to guide you through the process. You determine the kind of service that
is best. Do you prefer burial or cremation? Church service or memorial tribute?
Traditional or Contemporary? You also decide the content, location, vehicles, role of family
and clergy and musical program. Then you select a casket or urn, burial vault, flowers and
other merchandise complementing the choice of service you have made.

As part of this process the service details and other vital information is recorded and provided to
both you and the funeral home. Please be sure to place this information in a safe place and let someone
else know so it can be retrieved whenever needed.

Once you have completed the planning process then you can easily apply for an affordable payment
plan funded by a Fami1y One life insurance policy, annuity or trust. Don’t worry – we have payment
plans to meet every need.

And… the cost of your services is frozen – you are protected against future inflation.

That’s it. In a matter of a few minutes you can have peace of mind knowing you have made the right
decision for yourself and your family.

At Amador Funeral Homes Inc, it’s okay to plan for the future of your family,
that’s what love is all about.

Texas Prepaid Funeral Contracts

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